Transgenic Plant Testing – Canola:

In Australia, the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has approved the commercial release of genetically modified InVigor® Canola and RoundUp Ready® Canola. Moratoria are still in effect in some Australian states, which prevents commercial planting of GMO in those particular jurisidictions.

Gene-of-interest Testing:

We offer event-specific PCR assays available for both AP and gene-of-interest testing.

Adventitious Presence Testing:

An extensive range of Real-time PCR tests are available (e.g. P35S, TNOS, NPTII, etc.) to determine adventitiously present transgenic traits in conventional or GM seed lots.

Sample Submission Instructions (refer to the pdf of the Canola Sample Submission form)

If you need to discuss these tests in more detail, please contact AgriGen at or by phoning +61 (0)2 8856 0988