AgriGen DNA laboratories
AgriGen DNA laboratories

Food Authenticity

The identification of plant and animal species in food is required for a variety of reasons, including economic, regulatory as well as meeting a range of religious dietary requirements (e.g. Kosher, Halal).

Our analytical services delivers accurate, reliable and highly sensitive results which can assist in preserving a products brand integrity and to ensure necessary compliance in meeting various regulatory requirements.

Species tested in food

Through our DNA speciation testing, AgriGen can test for a range of species including:

Bovine (beef), Ovine (sheep), Porcine (pig), Equine (horse), Caprine (goat), Avian (chicken), Camel, Buffalo, Kangaroo, Canine (dog).

Our NATA Accreditation scope for these tests are listed as follows:

NATA Listing

AgriGen is also capable of testing species in fish.

If you need to discuss these tests in more detail, please contact AgriGen at or by phoning +61 (0)2 8856 0988