Ruminant Feed Testing

Animal Health Australia (AHA) coordinates the ruminant feed ban as part of Australia’s commitment to retain its TSE free status.

Australia has an inclusive ban on the feeding to all ruminants of all meals, including meat and bone meal (MBM), derived from all vertebrates, including fish and birds.

AgriGen’s test options include:
BSE related testing for restricted animal material (RAM) in stock feed

There continues to be global concern over the potential spread of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs), in particular BSE. The detection of restricted animal material (RAM) in stock feed is a key component of Australia’s TSE risk management strategy. We have developed highly sensitive and specific DNA tests for RAM identification.

What AgriGen can offer:

AgriGen can also offer similar methods that can be used for quantitation of species in poultry meal for the rendering industry.

AgriGen can test for the presence of genetic material using Quantitative DNA/PCR methods on any stockfeed sample to ensure that it meets the Australian regulatory requirements. These methods that are used are approved by the AHA.

Should you need to test any type of stockfeed or feed material please contact AgriGen at or by phoning +61 (0)2 8856 0988