Species tested in food

Through our DNA speciation testing, AgriGen can test for a range of species including:

Bovine (beef), Ovine (sheep), Porcine (pig), Equine (horse), Caprine (goat), Avian (chicken), Camel, Buffalo, Kangaroo, Canine (dog).

AgriGen is also capable of testing for a number of different species of fish.

Food Authenticity

The identification of plant and animal species in food is required for a variety of reasons, including economic, regulatory as well as meeting a range of religious dietary requirements (e.g. Kosher, Halal).

Our analytical services delivers accurate, reliable and highly sensitive results which can assist in preserving a products brands integrity and ensure necessary compliance in meeting various regulatory requirements.

Detection of Restricted Animal Material In MBM and Stockfeed

Animal meat-and-bone meal (MBM) is prohibited as an ingredient in plant-based stockfeeds in Australia  and in imported stockfeeds. AgriGen has developed highly sensitive and specific tests for DNA from a wide range of animal species that can detect as little as 0.125% MBM in stockfeed samples.

Agrigen’s animal PCR tests do not suffer from cross-reactivity that other animal-specific tests suffer from, thus providing a one-step detection of animal DNA in feed samples. Unreliable and cumbersome downstream processing steps such as restriction enzyme digestion or DNA sequencing are not required.

The test has been evaluated in APLAC and Animal Health Australia Proficiency Testing Schemes with 100% correct results reported.

MBM Detection in Feed – Product brochure Detection of RAM in MBM and finished feed

Sample Submission Form Detection of RAM in MBM and finished feed


Detection of RAM in MBM and finished feed

Animal Taxa Detected:
as above

Limit of Reporting:
0.25% rendered ovine in plant-based stockfeed

Sample Size Required:
200 g

Turn-around Time:
3 working days (Standard Service) or 24 hours (Express Service)

If you need to discuss these tests in more detail, please contact AgriGen at info@agrigen.com.au or by phoning +61 (0)2 8856 0988